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Primary Bedroom Update with Magic Linen

Primary Bedroom Update with Magic Linen

Spring is in the air and one of my favorite things to update seasonally in our home is bedding. When it comes to bedding, I’m a big fan of linen bedding due to its lived-in, casual look.

This post is sponsored by Magic Linen. This post contains affiliate links. 

It’s been a while since my last bedroom update and therefore, time to make some changes! The change of season and a new baby on the way has me making little updates all over the digs! We moved the dining room rug to the master, replaced the nightstands, lamps and added this natural striped linen sheet set and beige waffle blanket to our bed, courtesy of Magic Linen.

Magic Linen is a small family-owned business based in Lithuania. They produce handmade linen bedding, home textiles and clothing from high-quality OEKO-Tex certified linen, meaning it is completely free from harmful chemicals. Everything from the dye, sewing threads and linings is chemical-free. Magic Linen bedding is stonewashed, meaning its washed with stones to wear down the fabric and produce a worn feeling.

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Primary Bedroom Refresh Reveal!

Primary Bedroom Refresh Reveal!

OK, guys, it’s here! It’s time for our primary bedroom refresh REVEAL!!

But first, a recap. Check out this post where I explained why I wanted to update the room despite just “finishing” it last year, shortly after we moved in. Basically, the room didn’t feel new because, despite being a new house and a new room, most of the furniture and even the paint color was all the same as our previous primary bedroom. Since we have a laundry list of projects to do in the house, I wouldn’t be able to invest a ton of money into our primary bedroom refresh so I’d have to get creative. I repurposed a lot of what we had, painted, changed the layout, mixed in a few new pieces and accessories and the end result is a completely different look and feel in the room! Here’s the mood board I was working with:

master bedroom refresh

Primary Bedroom Refresh Reveal

And for funsies, here’s a little primary bedroom refresh reveal before and after.

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Master Bedroom Refresh

Master Bedroom Refresh

Giving our Master a Facelift

Hiya, friends! So, listen. I’ve dropped a couple of hints about it and now it’s time to unveil the plan for my master bedroom refresh!! If you’ve been following along on the blog for a while then you know we blogged the reveal earlier this year and you may think it’s a little soon to be changing things up but let me explain because there are a few reasons why. First, to put it simply, I’m over it. Even though I shared the reveal with you all in January, the bedroom doesn’t look all that different from the master in our old home. Most of the furniture is the same and heck, we even painted the walls a similar color as our old master. Second, as other rooms here in the Daly Digs begin to take shape and the overall style and decor identity for the Daly Digs comes to fruition, I’m not sure our existing master bedroom fits in. I tend to love and have a lot of art and accents in warm earthy tones and I am just not feeling the bright, cool tones in the master any longer.… Read more




Alright, everybody! It’s reveal time! I’m so pumped! It feels like forever since we photographed the room and it’s my FIRST REVEAL on the blog soooo YAY! Huge thank you to Kera Photography for coming over to the Digs to capture the space! Welcome to our modern boho master bedroom!

Let’s jump in!! In case you need a recap, check out the first post about the room where I showed the before and discuss our goals and plan for the room, along with inspiration images with the vibe I was going for. To refresh your memory, here’s a peek of the room after we removed the nasty carpet and had the new wood floors installed. Yes, we did the floors before we painted. :/ Things were crazy and we were juggling projects in the house, couldn’t decide on a paint color, and that’s just how it worked out. Besides, that’s what drop cloth is for.Allllll right, here’s the after of the room from that perspective! So, as you can see, we painted the walls and the window trim, installed new baseboards, put in new white roman shades and a new white modern fan.… Read more



Master Bedroom: Before

Heya, folks! I’m here today with the before pics of the master in the #dalydigs and the grand plan to make the room into a natural, bohemian master bedroom. Lets jump right in.

Sorrryyy about the blurriness in the photo above. I didn’t exactly know I was going to start a blog and share these images publicly, otherwise I would have been better about those iPhone snaps haha. dalydigs-master-bedroom

Alrighty, so this is the master in the #dalydigs. A good size room with ample light and pretty bay windows…and ugly trim and nasty carpet. #storyofmylife

The best thing about the master bedroom are the closets! That’s right, his and her closets people. And ya know what? My closet is the size of a small bedroom! I really should measure it for you guys, but it’s seriously huge. #motd has his own little closet too, and it’s about a quarter of the size of mine. Tooooo badddddd, honey!

Alright, so thankfully this room didn’t need too much work. Well, I say that…yet after living here for nearly five months it’s still not done!… Read more