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Back Patio Project: One Room Challenge Week 2

Back Patio Project: One Room Challenge Week 2

It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge and our back patio project is coming along! After sharing the design plan and inspiration last week, we jumped right in. A few of the furnishing and decor options have changed, but I think I have everything finalized now.

Back Patio Project: Week 2 Progress

The first thing we did in our back patio project was install our new outdoor sconces. I love the copper finish against the white brick.

We also got our new ceiling fans in so we removed the ugly warped ones and hung these industrial style bronze ceiling fans.

back patio project back patio project new ceiling fans

We also decided to add a feature to our patio that I didn’t tell you guys about yet because hubby just decided to go for it over the weekend and that is wood paneling on the ceiling!

back patio project wood paneling on ceiling wood ceiling back patio

We’re installing these pallet boards right over the existing drywall. I am considering painting it white but I’ll decide after I see it finished. That hook you see is for the hanging chair that’s going up! I’m also debating painting the french doors.… Read more

Rustic Modern Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 1

Rustic Modern Back Patio: One Room Challenge Week 1

So check it out. Remember when I mentioned my plan to turn our hot mess patio into a rustic modern back patio?  Well, progress has been nonexistent so I decided to join in on the One Room Challenge to help motivate me to get it done. My mamma always said I performed well under pressure, so here goes! If you’re not familiar, the One Room Challenge is a biannual event hosted by Linda with Calling It Home in which featured and guest designers and bloggers makeover a room in 6 weeks, blogging weekly updates with the grand finale reveal in the final week. Last year, I successfully completed our modern boho guest bedroom as part of my first One Room Challenge and loved it so I’m looking forward to participating again this year with my plan for a rustic modern back patio! Let’s jump in!

The Design Plan

rustic modern back patio design mood board

Overall, I am going for a rustic modern back patio. I want to keep the patio mostly neutral and incorporate textures and pattern with pops of muted colors. I have a lot of one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces I plan to incorporate like a custom farm table and vintage tub (which makes a great drink bin) and I want to do a reclaimed architectural salvage piece as wall art.… Read more

Rustic Modern Back Patio Design Plan

Rustic Modern Back Patio Design Plan

Spring is in the air! It’s been in the mid-80s in Tampa and I’m sorry if you’re reading this from a window with a snowy view. I’m pumped to finally be tackling our back patio design plan and sharing the inspiration behind my plan with you guys today. I introduced the project and showed you a draft mood board in my 2018 project list blog post. Since then, I’ve made a few modifications and have solidified the design a bit more.

Back Patio Design Plan

The patio has white brick walls on three sides, 4 columns in the front and the back wall is flanked by two sets of french doors. I regret this is the only before photo I have – from when we were ripping out all of the carpet so bear with me. The columns create 3 zones in the space and dictate the layout to a point. For example. we wouldn’t want a sofa directly behind a brick column obstructing the view to the backyard. But this works nicely because we plan to create a dining area, lounge area and cooking area where the grill lives.… Read more

Exterior Updates: Our White Farmhouse with a Metal Roof

Exterior Updates: Our White Farmhouse with a Metal Roof

Exterior Progress

My friend pointed out recently that a lot has happened to the exterior of our house that I haven’t shared on the blog. If you’ve been following along for a while, you may recall that we painted the exterior of our house (we DIY’d it!) and got our roof replaced this summer. We also painted the exterior doors and installed new outdoor lights. There’s a blog post on the black outdoor farmhouse lights we were considering at the time. The exterior is still not done, but we have come a loooong way and pretty much have our dream white farmhouse with a metal roof now!

Let’s take a look at some before and afters, shall we?

Not a huge difference, right?

Haha just kidding. The “way before” photo is what the house looked like when we saw it for the first time. We knew right away that it would look cute if it were a white farmhouse with a metal roof. I explained the whole backstory in my introductory blog post about the house, but the house was bank owned and had been vacant for a while.… Read more



Here she is y’all! The #dalydigs. We have a lot to do, but trust me when I say she didn’t always look this good. Keep reading.


But first, the backstory.

The path to the forever house was not an easy one. We had been living in a typical stucco home that we built in an HOA for several years. Florida is plagued with stucco homes that all look the same, built in an HOA community about 2” apart. We could high-five our neighbors through the kitchen window and our yard was the size of a postage stamp. It was a nice home, but we knew we didn’t want to be there forever. Hubby wanted a home with some land, more privacy, and space for the doggies. I was hoping for a home with unique architecture not too far in the country. We put our old house up for sale, and probably had 100 showings over the course of a year. We took it off the market for a couple months just to take a break and we hired a new realtor.… Read more