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Farmhouse Dining Room Refresh

Farmhouse Dining Room Refresh

I’ve dropped a couple hints on Instagram about doing a little farmhouse dining room refresh so today I’m sharing the deets. Since we’re redoing the floors in the dining room as part of the big kitchen renovation, I figured now was a great time to make some changes.

Dining Room Before

First things first, let’s take a trip down dining room memory lane. The dining room was one of the first rooms we completed after moving into our house. I shared the reveal of the space in February of last year. Here’s what it looked like then:

global eclectic dining room with antique farm table and modern chairs global eclectic dining room with large windows

global eclectic dining room

Whoa mamma, look at all that stuff. Since then I’ve pared the decor way back. I eliminated the bar cart and simplified the gallery wall. Here’s a more recent look:horizontal stair railing

Farmhouse Dining Room Refresh

So what do I want to change, you ask? Just the light fixture, the rug, the chairs and maaaaybe the buffet! (Insert monkey emoji with hands over eyes). Here’s the direction I’m headed:farmhouse dining room refresh

More simplistic, less colorful, more farmhouse-y.

Light fixture: I want a fixture that is grander in scale so I’m replacing the current 3-tier vintage fixture with a large brass dome light fixture which just may become my new favorite in the space (the house?).… Read more



Daly Digs Dining Room REVEAL

Hi, guys! It’s time, it’s time! I’m so excited to share the reveal of our revamped global eclectic dining room! I am SO in love with this room! Let’s get into it!

But first, a quick recap. In case you missed it, check out the post with the before images and the detailed plan for the room. I also wrote a post about my dining room chair saga.

Here’s the before to jog your memory.

dining room with huge windows

Here are some inspiration images that I love, and have the overall vibe what I was going for in our space.  Eclectic, with a global l feel and a dash of a farmhouse vibe. eclectic dining room inspirationSources: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. 

And now, here is our finished global eclectic dining room! Drumroll, please……

eclectic dining room with antique farm table and black chairs

Our Global Eclectic Dining Room!

Here’s the lowdown on what we did. We started by caulking and painting the trim on all those windows. It was a tedious process and required 3 coats plus a 4th round of touch ups. When trying to choose the right white paint you would have thought I was choosing my wedding dress.… Read more



I have always wanted a formal dining room, an eclectic dining room that could feature our art, where I could merge the old with the new. Our last house was an open concept with the dining room open to the living. While I think the dining room got more use because of that, it was not large enough to accommodate a lot of guests…at least not without adding an additional table and spilling into the living room – which we did, many times. When searching for the new home, I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated formal dining room, large enough to house a huge table and fit the whole family around. Especially for the holidays when I really kick up the styling and entertaining and attempt to cook a meal.

So, you can imagine my giddiness when the #dalydigs had just this kind of dining room.


This is the before of the dining room. The two photos on the right are when we first saw it prior to some improvements the bank made. Interesting huh? It had some issues – namely a friggin plywood window.… Read more