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Shiplap Built-In Entertainment Center REVEAL!

Shiplap Built-In Entertainment Center REVEAL!

Oh my lord y’all. It has taken FOREVER but our custom shiplap built-in project is finally done! We hired the job out and the woodworkers started 6 MONTS AGO! Needless to say, we won’t be hiring those guys again due to their lackadaisical schedule but they did do a decent job and overall we’re happy with how it turned out.

Before we jump in, let’s take it back. I first introduced you guys to the project in this post where I showed you the blank wall in our living room that was begging for a built-in unit, and I rounded up some shiplap built-in styles and shelf styling inspiration that I love. More recently, I gave you an update here.

Shiplap Built-in Process

This is wall before we started. It’s a huge wall and since it’s the only full wall in our living room, it’s where the TV would go, making it perfect for a built-in unit. The first step was framing it out and then electrical work. We had to move all of the outlets forward and add an outlet and HDMI cables in the center so that the TV can be hung.… Read more

Custom Shiplap Built-In Project Update

Custom Shiplap Built-In Project Update

Shiplap Built-In Progress

It’s been a hot minute since I gave an update on our shiplap built-in entertainment center project and that’s mostly because our contractors are taking foooreeevvveerrrr. We hired them for the project five months ago and progress has been super duper slow. But rather than complain about the woodworkers that we’ll never hire again, let’s talk about the positives!

Here’s the first post about the shiplap built-in if you’d like to refresh your memory and see our inspiration for the project. We decided to use this awesome shiplap built-in by Studio McGee as inspiration for our build. I love the shiplap, the floating cabinet and the rustic shelving against the white. built-in entertainment center

The first step was for the woodworkers to frame out the built-in. Part of our wall was deeper than the other side so we had to frame it out so that the back wall would be flush. Then we had to have an electrician come out and move the electrical outlets out. We also had the electrician pre-wire for a mounted TV by adding HDMI cables and an outlet directly in the center of the built-in so we could conceal all of the wires.… Read more



Built-In Entertainment Center

So check it! The next project in the #dalydigs is a custom built-in entertainment center in the living room. The living room is in the center of the house and has a huge wall that’s seriously begging for a built-in unit. It already has a nook and at almost 14′ across, it’s large enough to accommodate a good sized built-in.

Here is a handy depiction of the wall.

built-in wall before

As you can see, one section of the wall is deeper than the other so the woodworkers will frame it out so the back is flush. We’ll be losing a little bit of space but we want the TV centered on the entire wall so that’s what we have to do. Once it’s done no one will know the back wall wasn’t flush. Well, except for you guys. 😉 The wall is almost 14′ across and 9′ tall. #motd (man of the digs, aka hubby) wants an 85″ TV so we’ll pre-measure to accommodate it and add some shelving on either side and cabinets on the bottom. By the way, do you guys know how big an 85″ TV is?… Read more